Opportunities to join

Are you curious about how the neural networks in the brain do their job and are you excited about data analysis? Do you have strong theoretical skills and want to solve challenging open research questions? Are you interested in develop models for experimentally recorded data? Then join us!  

We have open PhD, Postdoc and Master and Bachelor positions currently available! PhD and Postdoc positions are fully funded and are supported by our third party funds including the ERC or DFG projects. We therefore invite applications from motivated Bachelor, Master and PhD students to join us in the quest to understand the inner workings of biological and artificial networks and their application to experimentally recorded data sets from our collaborations. Female students are particularly encouraged to apply. 

Prospective students can apply by sending an email to   which includes

  • a letter of motivation,
  • CV, 
  • and a copy of the current academic transcripts.

Advice to applicants

When writing the letter of motivation please make sure it is in English and includes answers to the following questions:

  1. What are your abilities in regard to mathematical pen-and-paper calculations and numerical simulations? 
  2. What are your abilities/experience with respect to in vitro/in vivo physiology?
  3. Why would you like to work in neuroscience? What sort of project you think would be ideal for you?
  4. How comfortable do you feel writing in English, do you enjoy this process?

Please doublecheck that your application email includes all three required documents : CV, letter of motivation and a copy of the academic transcripts.