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Signatures of efficient neural coding

Bernstein conference Workshop 2016


Susanne Schreiber and Tatjana Tchumatchenko


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Seminargebäude am Hegelplatz
Dorotheenstr. 24
10117 Berlin


Tuesday, Sept 20, 2016, 14.00-18.30

Workshop Abstract

The neurosciences are accumulating facts about the brain at an impressive speed. In view of the vast amount of complex data, however, it is challenging to identify organizing principles and mechanisms that generalize across brain areas and even species. Taking a perspective of evolutionary optimization and efficiency of neural design provides one possible route to interpret neural data from a more structured point of view and promises interesting insights for questions that address the “why” beyond the “how". The workshop will bring together experimentally and theoretically inclined scientists working on different aspects of efficient coding, ranging from optimal decoding and encoding to energy efficiency and optimal network design and aims to inspire cross-disciplinary discussions triggered by the speakers’ latest results.

Confirmed speakers

Mitya Chlovskii
Similarity matching: a new framework of neural computation
Sophie Deneve
Rethinking population coding and adaptation: Fixed decoder, variable encoder.
Renaud Jolivet
Energy-efficient information transfer at synapses
Matthew Chalk
Sparse coding, efficiency and prediction: towards a unified theory
Simon Laughlin
The economic benefits of a popular circuit motif
Ruben Coen Cagli
Optimality and uncertainty in neuronal circuits with input variability

Each talk will be 30 minutes  (25 min talk+5 min discussion) 

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